Seven Books of Men Who Have Known Us Look

Fortunately, there are more and better books written by women describing us with great success. But admit it: the literature has been, for centuries, forbidden to our sex, territory and the few that were able to publish had to do under pseudonyms. Complain many readers, and with reason, of the secondary place in which we stayed because the pen with which we drew was male. However, there are writers who have managed to get the hang of this talk about women and for women. The list is certainly very expandable, but here I bring you seven examples as great as different from each other. Read more

Purchase Online at Amazon Ikea Furniture

Do I has given you many times sloth make the whole journey of Ikea stores to buy a product that already know beforehand but could not buy in the shortcuts that Swedes prepare? I myself have lost long time in the aisles of Ikea in search of that pillow or that complement of kitchen even though I didn’t want to look at anything else, by which I’ve cheered to learn that you can buy Ikea items in the Amazon store. Read more

Do It Yourself: Creates a Wall of Impact with Puzzles

Who not is has desperate in front of the typical ten thousand pieces puzzle, all equal and tiny? Who has not given after laughing a puzzle in which only are edges, for months and months? As I take this blog to come out of the closet: I am that, I am which is desperate when it is not able to finish a puzzle and it acts as if it did not. Today your regrets are over because I’ve discovered how to leverage this puzzle: sticking it in a wall of impact. Read more

Before and after: a Chair Louis XV Rescued

Many times when the floor we find very damaged furniture that I have no hesitation in throwing to the container. These are waste disposal for some and treasures for others, there is no more to see the comings and goings that exist in some areas next to the garbage collection, authentic groups organized with their schedules and routes, in search of those furniture with an intrinsic value. Read more

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