Braxton Culler Furniture U.S.
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Braxton Culler Furniture U.S.

Braxton Culler Logo: Brand facts: – Braxton Culler Inc. was founded in 1975, and has experienced strong growth for 35 years. – Once best known for their distinctive wicker/rattan, this family owned and operated company now offers extensive product lines for the entire home.

Glossary for Furniture Terms
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Glossary for Furniture Terms

ABACUS. molded piece that crowns the capital, in the form of board. Splayed. Shaped horn. GROOVE. architectural and furniture shaped ornament channel, slot or groove. ACANTHUS. Thistle leaves used as decoration on furniture. ADAM. Robert and James (1728-1792). English designers that apply to the construction of the classical furniture lines. ARABESQUE. Ornamentation of geometrical combinations or vegetables multifarious Arab origin, used in […]

A Gray Bathroom

Gray Color for Bathroom

In a bathroom, gray often celebrates materials. Marble, Slate, concrete, stones, ceramics… All have the advantage of making a soothing and elegant room decorated with ease, offering a sleek style where only the essential appears.

Yothaka Furniture from Thailand
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Yothaka Furniture Thailand

Yothaka Furniture Brand Facts: – It pioneered the use of water hyacinth in the Thailand. – The 182-staff company also creates hand-made home accessories such as straw boxes, basketry, phone frames, etc.

Desede Furniture from Sweden
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Desede Furniture Sweden

De Sude Brand Facts: – It began with a small saddler’s workshop in Swiss Klingnau, close to the German border near Waldshut. – In 1993, de Sede changed hands in a management buy-out by Hans-Peter Fässler and Bernhard Schüle, according to

Stepevi Furniture from Turkey
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Stepevi Furniture Turkey

Stepevi Brand Facts: – STEPEVI is a pioneering brand with innovative collections inspired by the latest fashion colors and textures. – Today, STEPEVI is an undisputed benchmark of contemporary rugs with boutiques in London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Dubai and many other design capitals of the world.

Roche Bobois Furniture
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Roche Bobois Furniture France

Roche Bobois Brand Facts: People regard Roche Bobois as the world leader of high end furniture design and distribution, said by the website. Roche Bobois launches every six months an exclusive new collection, that is exactly the proof that Roche Bobois is a dynamic group.

Boca do Lobo Furniture
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Boca do Lobo Furniture Portugal

Boca do Lobo Brand Facts: The brand creates luxury furniture with a contemporary design, produced through the traditional techniques of craftsmanship Nowadays, Boca do Lobo is part of MeninaDesign Group.

Bradington-Young Furniture from U.S.
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Bradington-Young U.S.

Bradington-Young Logo: Brand Facts: – Bradington-Young, a division of Hooker Furniture, has been producing quality leather furniture since 1978 – Bradington-Young’s frames are then engineered from the finest multi-ply, 7/8″ laminated hardwood components that are precision machined for an exact fit to provide a lifetime of structural integrity.

Selva Furniture from Italy
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Selva Furniture Italy

Selva Logo: Brand Facts: – Selva do not just want to build furniture – they want to create an environment in which people are happy. – Inspirations from all eras and cultures are melded together by Selva people into new and exclusive ideas.