10. Original Pumpkins to Inspire You on Halloween

Although Halloween is a not-very-established Anglo-Saxon tradition in our country, little by little the influence of American culture, through their series and films, has increased the number of followers. Halloween has crept into our lives and perhaps you want decorate the House for the occasion.

If there is something missing not never, these are decorative pumpkins, mainly because it is the time of harvest, and because it is very suitable to be carved.

Typically, turn them into small heads of monsters, creating crevices with shape of mouth of malicious laughter and a pair of eyes from penetrating gaze, but if you do not want to be so mainstream – read with a derogatory and ironic – leave here ten original pumpkins to inspire you on Halloween.

There are all kinds, from very artistic motifs inspired by tales like sleeping beauty or Mickey Mouse, to other more geeks like a death star or a tab with the pumpkin color pantone. I leave you with a gallery so take a look and you inspiréis.

My favorite, which undoubtedly represents a great city skyline. And yours?

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