13 Decorating Tips for Rented Apartments

Many apartments when rented, the tenant come in its simplest form.

No furniture, or just planned, left a large space for creativity take over and let the new environment to look like you’re there.

However, in many condos, or even by the owner, some rules are imposed, how can not break walls, paint, replace tiles and other things that may limit the adaptation of the new home.

Check out some tips prepared by the website how to overcome these barriers and put in place to decorate your rented apartment.

1. Vinyl Flooring

Your apartment can be with a floor that does not like you very much, but to reform and change the material is not always possible in this case.

A practical option and solve their demand are the vinyl flooring.

Some of its advantages are: water resistance, are hypoallergenic, flame retardant, acoustic and can be applied reusing existing floors insulators. View Businessjust for wall clock wooden.

In addition, there are a variety of colors, textures, thicknesses and patterns.

Installation takes up to three days and the space can be occupied at the time. Check out an exclusive post on vinyl floors and how to install.

2. Wallpaper

The wallpaper is one of the options that comes to those who can not change the original colors of the apartment.

Increasingly easy to install and clean, you can make the application itself of the papers without the help of a professional, using the very glue. As it is recommended that the material is applied to a finished wall with plaster and paint coating in addition to being a smooth surface, dry, without imperfections.

There are several prints with sizes, styles and different prices. Some even mimic perfectly hydraulic tiles, stones, wood and fiber.

3. Customize Tile

Tiled kitchen and bathrooms can be a problem. Because there is no possibility of reform, the output is live with them.

Fortunately there are some solutions to alleviate the situation and bring personality to the old -fashioned. One of the main ones are the tile adhesives. Check out all the others.

Cheap and practical, the stickers are pasted on the tiles and have different print styles, including imitating hydraulic tiles.

The stickers fill the style room and its application is fast, and is easy to remove and not a trace of once have existed.

Check out how to apply tile adhesives , but I anticipate that you’ll need a stylus, a spatula or ruler, alcohol or degreaser and of course, creativity.

Another possibility is customized paint tiles with epoxy paint based on water or solvent.

4. Wall Slate

Another creative and fun option to customize walls is creating one (or more) wall board.

The goal is to make the wall becomes a space for notes, drawings and more fit.

The most viable, fast and practice of creating your slate wall is using self – adhesive black paper. The website explains how.

5. Niches and Shelves

The installation of niches and shelves is extremely functional, leaving the more organized and also beautiful environment.

They can be installed in bathrooms, saving hygiene products, bath linens and toilet paper, kitchens and laundries for crockery and cutlery, pots, cleaning materials and other utilities in bedrooms, organizing your belongings as accessories, shoes and clothing and rooms, mainly for decoration.

6. Racks

The racks are a functional and decorative option at the same time. Emerge as a solution to very full closets or for those who want practicality in exchange for clothes on a daily basis.

Simple and economical, can be store-bought or made by hand from creative materials such as bamboo, pipes, stairs and even beach chairs. Give preference to mobile options on the purchase or create your parrot, so that the environment becomes more flexible.

The website has done a complete guide on macaws, closets and 21 images of inspiration.

The reuse of materials is a trend in home interior who want a comfortable environment without spending much.

The boxes are part of it and can be reused as chests decoration and storage rooms and halls.

The most interesting is that you can even customize simply your crate, adding wheels, painting and transforming it for other purposes. All this with the help of a hammer and some nails.

Learn more about crates and other cheap and rustic solutions such as pallets and reels.

8. Lighting

The lighting, the case can not be changed, should focus on alternative ways and that do not depend directly from the electrical wiring.

Some options that thus arise are the lamps and table lamps or larger.

A creative solution for lighting is to leave the luminaire and lamp cables to the show, but in order to work with the decoration of the apartment.

The webpage produced a guide with  the best lighting tips for you.

9. Carpets

Rugs can leave the coziest and decorated environment. In addition, the solution may be to disguise that older floor or dull you can not change.
Acting as acoustic insulation, they can be found in various sizes, designs and suitable for different rooms.

If you do not find a the extent necessary, buy identical mats and put them side by side. Another option is to invest in a patchwork prints of complementing the space environment.

10. Curtains

Curtains can give life and personality to the environment, and give the impression of space being busier.

The options are many, of different types, lengths, textures, weights and colors. Check out a complete guide curtains to know which choice is the most appropriate for your apartment.

Just like carpets, curtains can make the room cozier. Use them in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

11. Pictures andPosters

Leaving no room full of personality, the paintings and posters are great solutions to transform an empty room and bland without much work.

The ideal wall so that they are is that you see as soon as you enter the site. And there are no limitations on the rooms: they can decorate your room, living room, bathroom, kitchen and even laundry.

Here in the website, plus a choice of tables, you still find decorating inspirations with objects and learn the best way to hang them.

12. Stickers

Another solution to transform the walls of his rented apartment is making use of adhesives.

From small to large sizes, with different colors, shapes and applications, adhesives lead to identity the room and can easily be removed later.

In addition to walls, they can be applied to cabinets, refrigerators, doors, windows and other places.

For installation use a ruler to better apply without becoming bubbles. No need nothing else, just creativity.

13. Garden

Small gardens bring green into the apartment, making it more alive and cheerful.

Be in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, plants can purify the environment and take advantage of its moisture.

Get species that can live without direct light and are not poisonous.

Check out some ideas to create a small garden in your apartment.

So, what do you think of the tips? Tell us in the comments and to share with friends.