2016 Decorating Tips

The decorating tip today, besides being beautiful for decorating, decorating trend 2015 also. Paintings and pictures are already beautiful decoration by itself, so imagine how beautiful would be a fully decorated wall only with frames? Great idea, huh? But beware, it is important to choose frames that match each other and between the space. The decoration must be well harmonized with the rest of the environment. The “gallery wall” as was well known in social networks this year, can be done with pictures, paintings or posters in sets.Everything depends entirely on their creativity. Are you looking for about 2015 decorating tips?Then you are in the ideal place to get inspiration. I’m sure this beautiful Gallery will make you feel like at home. See below for how to do it.

2016 Decoration-Wall Gallery

-Family photos

You can create your own gallery of wall clocks using the family photos. Looks great and look even more familiar to your home. You can put the pictures on the wall of the staircase, for example, or in the living room, bedroom … you decide where your gallery. Check out the tips.


You don’t have to stick only to family photos. If you’re a modern person and you’re always on trends, then you will probably like the idea of innovate using posters together on the wall. Gives a modern and innovative environment.

Do It Yourself

The coolest thing about this is: You can create your own gallery of wall. Just pushing your creativity and put our hands to work. After seeing all the ideas of galleries in the pictures, watch the video below, be inspired and mount her. I hope all these tips have helped to clear my head.And then, what was waiting in the first place?