5 Tips for Design Small Bathroom Ideas

No matter if your bathroom has a few square meters, which makes the difference is their ability to plan every corner of this room. If you have a small bathroom at home and want to optimize the available space check out these 5 valuable tips:

1. Measure and Space

One of the most important aspects of reform or construction of a planned bathroom is pay attention to the dimensions of space. You have to measure everything to the essentials fit in the environment and do not compromise the functionality of the room. Consider that you need to reserve space for the box, cabinets, toilet, sink and his cabinet, trash and so on.

Note that a comfortable bathroom need to have about 2m². However, the ideal is that the room is slightly bigger, but without reaching 3m². And remember that the spacing of the box, the toilet and the sink must be 30 cm at least. This ensures a good area free for circulation!

2. Think of Furniture

The furnishings are also essential to optimize the space of a small bathroom. As in that case, they need to be compact, practical and functional, dispense only decorative furniture and do not let go of parts that facilitate the organization, such as countertops and tabletops and shelves. It is important that the furniture materials are waterproof, to ensure its durability in a constantly damp environment. To facilitate routine, make sure you opt for easy cleaning parts.

3. Choose Light Colors

Also plan to paint and finish of your environment. Remember that dark colors cause the sensation of shrinking space, while light colors convey the idea of amplitude, causing the small bathroom appear larger than it really is. If nothing else, the most neutral and soft tones are also much more versatile, allowing a number of different combinations.

4. Caprice Lighting

No use worrying about all the previous details and neglect the room lighting. Thus, a bathroom planned need a good lighting design, with lighting and abundant, preferably with white bulbs. This type of lamp reflects the environmental objects and makes it look larger! When choosing bulbs of your bathroom, bet on LED lighting that offers lower power consumption.

5. Do not Forget the Mirror

Finally the bathroom renovation, remember to include a mirror in the project. In addition to decorate the space, mirrors also promote the sense of spaciousness and add an air of elegance and sophistication to the environment. Not to mention they are also super functional objects!