73 Facades of the Houses: Ideas to Inspire

In choosing the style of the house is not easy to decide, so lots of people are looking for the façades of houses in order to inspire, only that a home is not only made of appearance, or facade.

73 Facades of the Houses Ideas to Inspire

Often the exteriorization of the architecture, or the façades, are a consequence of the distribution of the environments and flows. While other architects are beginning to think in the house by drawing the external and then observe if it fits into the program requirements established by your client.

In reality engineering is very complex, have to be considered the guidelines in urban zoning and the guide to the yellow, which will define the specifications of the terrain, then calculate how much of the terrain is possible to fill, how many floors, what are the clearances, and then begin to think of devising the house, evaluating with the client what their family needs for each environment.

Only as soon as a project begins finally to be drawn on the paper, considering a series of variables: position of the sun, natural ventilation, structure, hydraulic and electrical, security and access control, common areas, and private and many other factors that are constraints to get the layout of the final project.

So by observing these 73 images of facades of houses and note how each project differs, while some facades are completely glass, with many windows facing the street, others give preference to the private space, while maintaining the facade of the house is practically isolated from the street.

See also how it works dialing of access for people and cars, if there is a service entrance, if the main port, this checked with some different type of hierarchy, the more prominent, if there is coverage on the main access.

The house is at street level, or higher, or lowered. How the house relates with the surroundings, as is the garden, what materials make up the facade of the houses. Compare the layout of the house in relation to the terrain and notice how it changes much each project of the facade.

Finally note how the volumes of the facades balance: horizontal and vertical, full and empty, light and shadow, light and dark.

And after making a careful assessment of these images of the facades of the houses say which of them you enjoyed most.