A Good Idea, Decorate with Clothespins

I remember fondly the pot for clips of my mother, when she was a girl called me much attention. In the there were two types of clips, as if it were two opposing teams: on the one hand were plastic, multicolored and resilient, and on the other those of wood, which were the worst part, because they deteriorate faster soon losing its luster.

Back then I used to fool some, newer, to decorate them and save them in my box of treasures; first with boli, and most evening already with tempera, which was the most sophisticated had at hand in my school stage. All these memories have been dismissed as of a surprise box to see the work of Ana, of decorum with little, that He has delicately decorated wooden tongs to give them a different and ornamental use.

Researching how to do this in a simple way, Ana has given a highly recommended method and very polished results. Rather than paint directly on the wood, it has used the technique of decoupage on adhesive paper labels, obtaining different prints that make a nice contrast with the wood that remains in sight on the sides. Neat calligraphy and delicate prints covered and finished with varnish, which decorate notes with a touch of romantic and different boards, and can also serve as markers for plants, or to designate the place of the guests at the table.