Amikasa, Tool Free Online for Interior Design

Again we are faced with a great and fun tool of Interior design free y Online, is called Amikasa and it allows us to work from scratch, creating our own space, or from predesigned templates, I understand that this is the way recommended for beginners. Place the furniture It is very simple, just have to drag and drop in the desired location.

As requirements, as well as some time available, we need a good connection, since working the tool online, need enough bandwidth. In terms of the time, if we fail to finish at once, can save the file our project and another day to open it from the application, to continue working on it.

If still not become to the idea of as it is running, you have a video explanatory, sure that he will entertain you and clarify you things a bit more.

In the video you can see, as we can choose between working on two or three dimensions, We can begin by design the House or choose a standard space and then and covering every step, place the furniture, decorate space … is a tool that is more complex than others, because it is also more generally, requires that let’s take him some time, but we can achieve very interesting things with her.