Baby Night Light Projector Stars

Today I present you a brand new novelty.

Star Projector Night Light

No, it’s not. But I say it anyway.

If you follow the adventures of my Micro-Fille for a while, you know that it is veilleusophile.

Veilleusophile, what does that mean!

It’s pretty simple: it consists of an addiction to the pilots. Yes, it’s possible.

Like in his bed, y’ has just 4 different lights. Finally 5 now. And style to put them all at the same time. Not seek, even I understand not.

In short. Among our favourite night lights, there are Pabobo night lights.

We have the great Nomad too, Charlie, and the star projector that I have already had the opportunity to talk to you some time ago.

It is good the star projector, it’s been a while that we did also and we still love it.

So that’s what looks like a projector of stars, but better!

Well, obviously! What offers Pabobo with his brand new night light: a rabbit musical star projector.

The rabbit musical star projector.

Look at. It’s not so cute!

And more it is very soft.

It’s so a rabbit plush, with a pretty little face smiling. And in his bogus lies… A night light projector of musical stars. Malynx lynx? The advantage of the musical nightlights for toddlers, in addition to the heart of toddlers who capsized, is that is soft and that the child is not likely to hurt if he falls asleep on his back burner or that he bangs on it (or with kids are a broken neck is well-known).

And so, how it works!

Quite simply. The star projector is inserted into the plush, and maintained inside by a double scratch. Two small buttons are present: one is used to Activate the projection of stars, either in multicolor mode, or by setting the projection on a chosen color. Other small button turns the music on or off, and also lets you manage the volume (2 levels) of it.

In practice:

Support on the music note starts the music. A second support increases the volume. The third off the music.

For light, first active support the projection of stars, a second fixed support light on the chosen color, a third reactive change of light, and a long press turns off the projector.

The projector can run in mode projection + music, or only music, or only projection, it is you who choose (finally at first, after the kid manages alone).

Fun: the projection of stars will stop only after 22 minutes, the music at the end of 15 minutes. Batteries, important over economy.

The Bunny is WASHABLE… Magiiiiie! Knowing that our already is all crachou after 2 nights of use, the passage in machine is healthy, really.

While the plush wash, you, you can change the batteries-we all know that a proper parent has stock in Duracell no!-

With this rabbit, not wire, like most nightlights Pabobo, rabbit musical stars projector is mobile, it will take you anywhere and allows baby to keep her small sleep habits.

And so, that’s what we think!

Hey well, as each time at Pabobo, we like a lot. I like the look neat, the sweetness of the rabbit, unisex colours and the soft music of the star projector. Elsewhere the stars, it works every time, the kids love it. My Micro-Fille tape on the ceiling once you put it on, side baby it is won!

Parent, I regret a little the battery operation I admit, I would have preferred a reload in USB on my classic Star projector.

Out of this, it is no fault for this new product Pabobo, to find in shops as soon as late June, at the price of € 39.99.

Come on come on, I’ll put stars their eyes (and music in the head!)