Bakeware Accessories and Their Uses

The Easter season is once again upon us and with you also a few quiet days with he family. Nebenwohnung Osterlich decorate Easter eggs Blowout and festive menu vorbreiten, stands for one or the other even baking on the plan. Easter bread, Easter lamb, and yeast plaits Karotttenkuchen are now in great demand and also a greatEaster gift from the kitchen . Before your loskleckst and kneads, we give you a small introduction to the world of baking tins and baking accessories… hints welfare cleaning included!


Nonstick bakeware is a non-stick coating plated metal molds, which are ideal for stoves with top and bottom heat and hot air. Reluctantly we talk in conjunction with cakes of fat content. But be commendable mentioned at this point that the non-stick bakeware almost not need to be greased. The cake dissolves with intact coating almost solely from the baking molds. In order not to damage the non-stick coating, should your cake does not cut into baking tins and careful even with their cleaning. The baking tray belongs in the kitchen like a sharp knife.Of course, can be a great yeast cake bake with it, but it advertises itself as for the preparation of vegetables, fish and meat. This all-rounder should have in her kitchen and

The springform pan is ideal for baking pies and cakes stocked. The high rim prevents the filling and creams. In order to obtain the cake easily from the baking mold, the mold simply jumps to the release of the buckle. Hence its name. This mold is a must for all cake lovers and is standard equipment for the well-stocked kitchen.

Box shape and Kugelhupf are also classic bakeware suitable because of its height Sponge cake and breads.They are among the classic and traditional forms are now available in mini versions.

Tart molds are gebräulich especially in French cuisine. Among them is the Quiche Lorraine classic savory tart.Dia can be fried in sweet tarts. They are best removed in a mold with non-stick coating.

Muffin tin are by far not just baking utensils . They are also suitable for craft projects and homemade soap because most are extremely decorative. To give away the paper cases are particularly suitable, however, quite expensive in the long run. Here it is worth a one-time investment in durable muffin cups made ​​of silicone. You are hübch to view and maintain the Miniküchlein in shape. Silicone Bbackformen bring amateur confectionersjoy!

Stirring spoons

The mixing spoon is a simple but at the same time indispensable tool not only in baking but also during cooking. It serves for the amounts of various ingredients and is besson DERS effectively with durchlochtem Journal.

A tribute to whisk! Without him there would be no creams on our cakes and cupcakes, no meringue topping for fruit cake and no chocolate mousse. Beat eggs and cream is his specialty, which is gripped in a comfortable kitchen now common to agitator. What the latter but not riff, is the folding in a relaxed, sensitive masses.

Mixing can not have enough. Who bakes much she needs in various forms. Large flatter knead the dough, narrow high hit the egg whites and cream and so on. Best worried your you a kit to metal or sturdy plastic bowls of various sizes. Is bringing the advantage which many plastic bowls with that in the lower edge of a rubber band is incorporated which prevents the slipping of the bowl while stirring. Tip: Whoever metal bowls without anti-slip effect is now at home who just moistened a dishcloth or sets a cloth under the bowl. Even so it gets a foothold.

Portioning And Taking Measurements

The correct amounts are decisive in baking! A kitchen scale helps us the amounts of ingredients can be determined precisely. Whether the amount display is analog or digital, is a matter of taste, but great and really helpful is a kitchen scale with tare function.

The egg timer helps us our time to portion. In Bakery stress time is very relative and vanishes only along. For an overview and an unmistakable reminder that the cake from the oven must or we can finally stop stir, the egg timer makes.

Decorate Cakes

The piping bag is absolutely necessary for Cupcake- and cake friends . All cakes that you have to decorate, not pass the piping bag. With his help can be creams and Co. dose targeted and decorative and applied.

Cleaning of Bakeware

Many bakeware from all sorts of materials-but how do I clean what? First basic rule is: clean Dear same after baking with hot water and detergent. Uses in any case, a rag and no brush, abrasive sponge, let alone metal wool! It follows the second principle : Dear soak as scrub.  Scratchy cleaning utensils attack the non-stick coating. For the same reason your bakeware should not enter into the dishwasher.

So what to do if it even caramel or dough residue dried in a baking tin are? Simply pour boiling water and add dishwasher cleaner. It takes less than a minute and the crusted remnants dissolve by itself. Muffin cups made ​​of silicone have to absorb the shortening property. This means that no matter how much you always cleans a greasy film remains after baking. If this is uncomfortable, which can boil the ramekins with salt water.

Happy baking! What are you baking for Easter for your loved one? We appreciate recipes of any kind!