Before and after: a Chair Louis XV Rescued

Many times when the floor we find very damaged furniture that I have no hesitation in throwing to the container. These are waste disposal for some and treasures for others, there is no more to see the comings and goings that exist in some areas next to the garbage collection, authentic groups organized with their schedules and routes, in search of those furniture with an intrinsic value.

Demos for these furniture the value they deserve, knowing that with a little work we can achieve a singular, unique, piece that leverages the quality and the patina of old wood. However flawed it may be, if the part has a minimum quality, we probably surprised the result. We can do it ourselves, or leave the job in the hands of a professional. For parts with value, either sentimental or as an antique, spending always worth.

In our Flickr page, where readers may share their decorative images, we have seen a good example of recovery, in this case a fairly impaired Chair who now lives a new youth.


Entorno2010 has achieved a totally renovated piece from a Luis XV Chair that before the good work it was very impaired, with completely torn seat and an outdated structure of varnished wood. Now we see it upholstered in white fabric with a delicate details of roses, and pickled in white. The backrest is topped with upholstery nails, as well as the upper part of the legs. Good job!