Best Material for House Flooring

Suddenly you will change the chair of place and she hits that corner between the floor and the wall. The result? A hole that will only be solved with race and paint mass. But wipe the floor with a dirty broom, it can also harm your space, after all can mark your wall unpleasantly. To protect the spaces are the baseboards.

And today, they have won decorative status coming to stand 15 cm high on the wall and the materials have varied as much as the flooring options available on the market. Therefore, we separate the main materials for you to choose what best suits your home. First, see what materials are already installed in the floor and the wall and try to combine them. The fact is that today, architects are unanimous that the baseboards need no longer the same floor material. Therefore, the order is created. Know that stones like marble, granite and porcelain are among the preferred and sophisticated for these finishes and, as have various shades, you can pick the color innovation you need. Wood still also figure in the hall of the most used, as well as ceramics. Another material that has been used successfully is painted or coated MDF, besides being more affordable, easy to implement and maintain. Do not also forget the model, ie the way you want for the footer is also important and go straight to the crimping, the overlapping the cambered, and you can also customize them the way you want. In addition, there is expanded polystyrene footer option in addition to the good finish, can also be used in wet areas such as bathroom, it is 100% water resistant. Finally, know that the heights have variations, determined in accordance with your taste. However, the most frequently used average height is 7 cm. The rules between the experts are clear: high footers for high ceilings. They also indicate that only washrooms are environments that high finish looks good, for sure, because it brings sophistication. Other areas should be analyzed case by case. And maintenance offers no major problems: just include them in the normal cleaning with damp cloth.