Best Silicone Bakeware Review

We have not only for birthdays and celebrations homemade cakes and pies, in between I bake very often. It is often spontaneous and then I bake on the fast a sheet cake, loaf cakes, muffins or cupcake. We regularly bake bread or rolls and, more recently, crispbread.
Even baked it tastes just delicious we mean.

Meanwhile, a number of baking molds have with us accumulated, mainly I use baking molds made ​​of silicone , I find the cake or bread can be out there take a lot easier and the shapes fit in.Another advantage for me is that they are easy care and sometimes can put in the dishwasher.Back remains to be solved quickly and easily when rinsing.
And of course the many different shapes and designs. This selection and variety are the conventional bakeware, although here quite a bit has changed, not yet, although the trend is increasingly to Motif bakeware back.
We are quite large muffin fans and so I have several different forms, including individual ramekins from Silicone. In not even half an hour delicious muffins are done.

For rolling of dough I use a silicone baking mat, it sticks nothing, it is hygienic and easy to clean. The mat may also be in the oven, if eg biscuits to be baked as I use but rather baking paper.
Still relatively new is the baking mat for macaroons, which are indeed become in recent years the trend. The mat usually contains 32 small margins, so that the Macarons not diverge and retain the shape.

Other pluses:
Bake the silicone molds is slightly lower than in a conventional baking pan, thus they are more economical in power consumption. I also find that the cake by cook better and more evenly in these forms.
If eg stick some times, the mold can be easily pushed or folded and baked (or frozen) can be pushed out.

Generally, a silicone mold up to 230 degrees and is heat resistant up to 60 degrees cold resistant. So can sometimes be prepared in forms or chocolates in the box shape delicious ice cream.

A few more tips:
let herb butter freeze in chocolate forms a little and then serve
ice with fruit or mint
chocolate selbermachen (Tafelschoki melt) and solidify again in chocolate molds with toppings of your choice

For me, silicone bakeware is so versatile and convenient, especially in the handling. They are also very space-saving, because they can be easily folded and-gelegt and each other can be packed.
A bit messy sees my tray on my refrigerator, but you do not believe what I have housed everything.