Best Wall Stickers in Black

On several occasions we have in our office prepared an inspiring choice of colored stickers – we had the first red (still belongs to one of the most popular), then green , and the latter even pink. Each color pulls the other emotions, other thoughts …

Today we plan to introduce the most popular (Sellers) stickers on the wall in a rather unusual color. Among the best sellers – see article on sales of stickers at the e-shop. Last year in this color stickers sold the most – 28% of a given electronic commerce.

Contrast is key

If you read the headline, then you probably know that this time we will “play” with color rather sad – it’s black. At first glance, it may well discourage, but has excellent contrast properties. It’s nothing special, but the majority of Czech households is on the walls white. And guess which one is just perfect contrast to the white wall – well, yes – it’s black.

There is therefore no wonder why that is among the best selling. It is also quite neutral, like white and can be combined perfectly with the other colors. Green, purple, red or blue wall … all you can combine it with a black sticker. And now to the very tips 8 today for wallpaper school students.

Even other colors are not bad

We chose self-adhesive decorations that are shot in black, but it’s a bit misleading. All you can certainly buy in other barvičkách – perhaps VS e-shop has more than 30 others. So it’s certainly plenty to choose from.