Birkmann Silicone Bakeware

Does your it to bake? Birkmann offers a sumptuous range of bakeware, baking accessories. For more than 15 years, the company is which is characterized by reliability, innovation and flexibility.

We’ve received some great products from you that we want to present today. Some of these products fit perfectly with the Easter season. But looks but please themselves.

The sweet duck has struck me immediately, as I rummaged through the range of Birkmann. This is a full baking dish which was fitted with a high-quality non-stick coating.

I especially the 3D does look like. This is something very special in my opinion and a refreshing alternative to the flat cakes. The 3D Ente could wonderfully provided with a filling. What we have not done our example.

The form consists of 2 parts that we associate with each other easily Hilfer two metal rods. In the resulting opening is simply the dough filled. That’s easy. Here you can see very well how the shape looks in detail.

Of course we have baked a duck, as you can see on the photos above, and were very satisfied with the result.The dough is not expired. I had initially some concern that the mold may not close properly and some dough boils.

With a little washing up liquid, the shape wonderfully clean.

The form holds about 550 ml, at a price of currently about 16.00 euros at Amazon to have and comes in a gift box with recipes.

Silikonform Spring

This form consists of food-grade silicone. It contains 3 different designs: a beetle, a butterfly and bee. So ehr springlike or summer like motifs. 6 cakes with a approximate size of 8 cm you can bake with a form.

The result to be proud of as we see, because the chickens come healing from the mold. Nothing sticks to you and the chickens can be there take out easily.

Also clean the mold designed to be totally uncomplicated. We have it cleaned quickly and easily with hot water and some sink.

The form will cost at Amazon ca 14,00 Euro and is delivered in a gift box with recipes.

Ausstechförmchen Cloud And Umbrella

The cutters are made of stainless steel. We have selected the motives cloud and umbrella. The cloud has the dimensions of about 4.5 cm and the umbrella of about 4 cm.

The cutters are also available at Amazon. The cloud there costs EUR 4.85 and the umbrella EUR 4.55.

Baking pan Thanks

The pictures of our finished “Thank-cake” in the form of a giant butter biscuit have unfortunately become nothing. However, I will try soon to bake a new and “nachzureichen” photos.

The baking pan is equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating. It has the dimensions 14 x 11 x 3 cm delivered, about 400 ml and is in a gift box with recipe.

The contours came out beautifully in the finished cake. You could see the font and the individual notches very good.

The removal of the cake from the pan was, thanks to the non-stick coating easily.

The baking pan is at Amazon to have at a price of EUR 7.87 Euro.

Decorative filler

The decorative filler suitable for decorating cookies and cakes. It comes with two interchangeable nozzles for writing and polka dots. He even has a cap for keeping fresh the decorative font.

The decorative filler is dishwasher safe and heat-suited to +70 ° C and can hold a capacity of 100 ml.

We have crafted with the help of decorative filler visually appealing dessert but again, we have exceptional cases, times have not found that we can show. Unfortunately, I had noticed too late that the images are not presentable because the dessert was already plastered.

What I can say is that the decorating has worked very well with the decorative filler. We have injected him the topping of a Cupcakes and this has become really nice. So I think working with the decorative filler far more comfortable than a conventional pastry bag. At least as long as it is working with “light” consistencies, such as cream or a light cream, acts.

What was not so well-liked that the container due to the rather small opening not allowed to fill as well. Even the clean hand designed to be a bit difficult because of the decorative filler not smooth straight “walls” has. When push out firmer masses, it can happen, unfortunately, that the grommet falls. In addition, you get the more solid masses unfortunately completely pushed hard from the container.

At Amazon the decorative filler obtained at a price of EUR 6.19.

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