Boho: Know and Learn How to Decorate with Style

One of the novelties is the website text classification and products according to decorating styles. Now, if you want to know more about a specific style, just search for it on the “Styles” page and a related content directly to him.

One of these styles is boho chic or boho only, and it is on it that we speak now.

Term known trendy, boho can also be a decorative style and is marked by a harmonious diversity, both in its characteristics and in its references. With a touch of hippie, country, romantic, vintage, boho cherishes for a nomadic and relaxed lifestyle, having objects with handcrafted features and generating a lively and light decor.

Its name comes from combining the words “bohemian” (bohemian in Portuguese) and “Soho”, a London neighborhood that carries a mix of elegance and irreverence, where the trend has spread in the 20 Thus, there is its bold character; in boho style for diy wall clocks, the important thing is to have an open mind, do not worry too much about every detail of the decor and let the creativity flow to create a natural and personal.

So, time to decorate your home with the boho style, no need to hold both the rules. However, we will give some tips for you to free your imagination and let your personality full of atmosphere and be sure to check out some inspiring environments in the gallery.


A very present in boho style material is wood. Whether in furniture, small objects or even on the floor, it is great for composing unpretentious and welcoming environments, also giving a vintage and rustic feel, especially if old pieces of furniture are used.

It is also common to see objects in stone, both small items of decoration as in furniture, as well as covers and covered in crochet and patchwork. Handmade items reinforce the handmade nature of boho and thus provide greater comfort and uniqueness to environments.


Seeking lightness and well-being not only in decoration but also as a lifestyle, boho is marked by bright, cheerful colors, as well as ethnic and floral prints. In balance with brown, beige and ocher exploited in mobile, it is interesting to use the primary colors, red, yellow and blue, in addition to the green, which refers to the nature and gives a sense of health and freedom. But of course you can bet on colors you prefer to leave your knack of environment you want.

The website is full of printed pads that can leave your decor face boho style. Check options in green and colorful.


An important tip in time to create a boho atmosphere is be careful harmony between the parts. The style is marked by lightness, so even with greater autonomy decoration, it is important that a balance between colors, textures and objects. So try not to overdo it: in the painting, a neutral wall is always a good solution to mitigate a very colorful decor and delicate texture softens a more loaded set.

When inserting decorative objects in their environment, whether in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, it is also interesting to think about the combinations. One tip is to opt for a flat dish and explore the floral and geometric prints on items such as napkins, place mats and pots.

The most interesting boho style is the freedom offered in time to decorate. A beautiful inspiration is the home of singer Florence Welch, whose decor reflects quite a personality. If you like to feel comfortable and are a fan of natural habits, just unleash the creativity and seek harmony in their environment.

Cool huh? You already know the boho style? Account for us here in the comments what you think.