Paris Line

Despite having made architecture, drawing hand height has never been my forte. Perhaps that is the reason why I admire so much to those who demonstrate a talent in this difficult art, and if there is someone that stands out…
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Monographs on Architecture of Moleskine

Although information technology has revolutionized the world of architecture in recent decades, providing much of the task of drawing of plans and calculation of structures, there is something that will never be lost: the sketch. And that is precisely what…
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Umorstvu, The More Cosmic Yugoslavia

Lately, I am seizing taste to constructivism Communist of mid-20th century, which today I bring a new photographic book sample Umorstvu, portraying the more cosmic Yugoslavia, even more than in CCCP, Communist cosmic constructions photographed, that is to say.

Billy, The Book

A few days ago we congratulate to Billy, the famous Ikea bookcase for her 30th birthday. That age so pretty! I would say my father is that now he has matured is seen more lush than ever So important has…
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Decoesfera Launches Design

No, no you have the wrong site. Where you’re always, in Decoesfera, the meeting place for lovers by decoration. What is happening is that today, as that is being done gradually in the rest of Weblogs SL publications, VEA. A…
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