Characteristics of LED Bulbs

Dissemination of LED bulbs

Electrical energy is becoming more expensive and so is our life and our daily actions must change to try to save as much energy as possible while consuming only as much as is strictly necessary.

Characteristics of LED Bulbs

In a House there are many ways to save electricity, first equip themselves with high class appliances, secondly, making sure at different price ranges of energy (for example do the washing machines in the evening or on weekends when it’s cheaper), and also pay attention to the efficiency of light fixtures and bulbs.

Incandescent light bulbs will disappear from the market giving way to energy saving ones, that way you can have the same degree of brightness with far fewer Watts.

To replace the old halogen bulbs are entering the market led bulbs, still rare will spread soon to the great qualities of efficiency and durability.

Technical characteristics of LED bulbs

Led lamps shed light-emitting diodes, made thanks to safely and efficiently enough to be left unattended all night with very low power consumption; Unlike incandescents, they don’t have a filament that glows and then produce very little heat. The diodes are illuminated solely by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material.

Led light bulbs offer many advantages: first, as I said before, durability and energy efficiency (can reach the 100,000 hours and are very stable), does not contain filaments that can break are more resistant to all other types. Also feature a bright light and brilliant but ensures an efficiency very high.

LEDs produce very little heat unlike incandescent and halogen ones and have very low voltages which, in addition to energy savings, they also guarantee a safe operation; not irradiating heat or UV rays are suitable to enlighten those materials and objects that must not be damaged or altered in structure.

They are also very small so it can be adapted to different uses and even the most modern and minimalist design lamps and are characterized by a good colour rendering (i.e. do not alter the colors).

Another peculiar feature of LED lighting has the possibility to realize that change color continuously or selective; This can be achieved with 3 RGB LEDs, i.e. in red, green and blue that blended can create all colors of the Rainbow; the power is equal butmust take place with three-channel RGB driver.

By the time the led bulbs are more expensive, but definitely the saving coworkers the price will go down, in Italy are not yet so widespread, as opposed to other European countries where are commonly used and are of many types at much lower cost than from us.

Manufacturers of LED bulbs

OSRAM has implemented a real campaign pro advanced illumination Led, considering it in all shapes and sizes. LEDs can be used to create a mood with color or for lighting artwork or angles preziosi in addition to brighten the House eliminating the concern over energy costs and helping to preserve the environment.

Osram LED lamps give infinite possibilities of use and, having standard attacks, they are very simple to use and adapt to different types of lamps.

Parathom Classic LED lamps have different shapes and different types of attacks can have hot or cold light (meaning the colors) and can easily replace old incandescent bulbs up to 60 W.

Philips also offers a wide range of LED bulbs, as eco-friendly alternative to incandescent bulbs; switching to B22 LED lighting systems ledbulbbay, you can save immediately without sacrificing light quality and having available a wide range of solutions.

Philips has reliable products that help save on electricity bill in order to recover theirhigher cost in about 18 months; LED lights last up to 25 years, they must be replaced far less frequently than other bulbs, do not contain hazardous substances, are suitable for every use and are more easily disposable.

On the site you can find all types of light bulbs with the recommended uses.