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Charleston Forge

Charleston Forge Furniture United States




Brand Facts:

Charleston Forge regard making beautiful furniture in America as our passion.


Main Categories:

Desks, mirrors, tables, beds


Time and place: 1974, United States

Early products: home furniture

Founder: Art and Susan Barber


What is Furniture?
A piece of furniture is a removable fixtures for storage and to sit or lie on bed. The word “furniture” comes from the latin mobilis (= movement). Furniture is “movable”. Mobilis in mobile and in “car”. Storage furniture ensures often clothes, tools, books and household things with doors, drawers and shelves. Furniture can be applied art. In addition to their function, they can earn a symbolic or religious purpose.

Ordinary furniture is

  1. Chair
  2. Sofa
  3. Bookcase
  4. Closet
  5. Office furniture

Deposit of stone from Skara Brae, a settlement dating from the late stone age. Over 4000 years old hard removable cabinets and beds of stone has been preserved in Skara Brae, a settlement dating from the late stone age.

Headquarter Location:

Boone, NC


New Arrivals:

002_charleston_forge_furniture_new arrivals


Price Range:

USD 89 – USD 985


Worldwide Locations:

Within U.S.


Official Website: