Choose the House and Home Gateway

Choose between the openings sliding, tilting, or pivoting fanfold

The gate has variations to meet different consumer demands. In the traditional garage door, there are social version, the structure is smaller, since it only by people pass. Who wants a versatile product should opt for the mixed model, composed of two structures: one for entry and exit of vehicles and the other for pedestrians.

Regardless of your preference, the type of opening must be taken into consideration when you are choosing your gate. We offer versions running (whose structure slides sideways to be open or closed), dump (when opened, the door is horizontal at the top), folding and pivoting (which has two sheets).

All models are composed of stop and balance within the stop, which leaves the door open when leaving the shaft. Versions are not motorized, but can receive the gate motor – accessory that provides more convenience to the user, as it allows the drive via remote control. Just make sure the device is compatible with your gate and analyze the frequency of use, that is, the more use it, the greater must be the engine power.

Take note!

For an accurate purchase of gates write down some guidelines and take the time to take your part for the house now. After all, we guarantee the lowest market prices and best payment terms.

  • Analyze the size of the gap where the gate will be, as it must be compatible with the size of the product;
  • Check the type of material. Here there are wooden gates (pass varnish to increase part life), aluminum and PVC (both materials suitable for the beach, it does not spoil with the sea air and are lightweight), and the steel model (which is more strong);
  • Also note the type of gate: closed, semi-open and open (tubular).