Choose the Right Window for House

Product is available in the maxim-air models, sliding, tilting, swiveling and Venetian vitro.

Analyze only the size and type of opening windows was in the past. Currently, consumers seeking a piece that ensures the security and break, give it a special touch to the decor of the rooms. Many designs are available, made ​​of wood, aluminum or glass. To help you choose the right window, we list the features of the versions that we offer.

Maxim-air: suitable for compact environments such as bathrooms, laundry areas and even offices, these windows have only one sheet, which opens completely to be pushed out. Available with or without bars, the products are found in aluminum, steel (suitable for wetter areas) or wood. Some models already have glass in the structure, as in other versions you can buy it separately.

Running: with opening options only on one side or two leaves running to the opposite side, the sliding window can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. If the piece is mounted in environments that provide access to the area outside the house, opt for models with grid or purchase the accessory apart – just make sure the model is compatible with your window.

Tippers: this model has a lever responsible for pushing the window out and open it. Because they are compact, the tipper, which can have one or more sheets, are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Choose from steel or aluminum models – both materials resistant to corrosion and humidity. Opt for versions with grid to enhance the security of your home.

VITRO pivot: with strong decorative appeal, this window has wooden structure and is composed of glasses usually form geometric designs. This model revolves around the same axis and therefore can be moved into or out of the environment. It is recommended to use the pivotable in vitro runners to achieve natural lighting and ventilation.

Venetian: model that allows air to enter through small apertures in its structure. This characteristic, however, does not affect the environment privacy and still protects against rain. Especially suitable for the rooms, the venetian has models with grill for those who want to increase security, as well as glass sheets, recommended version for the entry of light but not insects, even with the window open.

Accurate Purchase and Maintenance

  • Check the dimensions of the product to identify whether the window has the appropriate size for your space;
  • Count on the work of a professional to install the part, since each model has its assembly characteristics;
  • Clean your product always following strictly the manufacturer’s instructions as vary for each window type and material.