Christmas Decoration Where Is The Limit?: Question of The Week

Last week I asked when empezabais to prepare the Christmas decoration, and as I saw the topic interests you, I thought that good idea would be to continue with the theme in the question of the week:

Christmas decoration where is the limit?

Yes, because decorating for the holidays is all very well, but there are some who are excited and turn the House into a theme park, so know your opinion on where you think that it is the line that separates the beauty of it all the same.

As always, you can leave your comments in Decoesfera replies: Christmas decoration where is the limit?, and the coming week will share with you the most valued and perhaps some interesting.

The question of the week: when to begin to prepare the Christmas decorations?

Judging from your answers to the question when to begin to prepare the Christmas decoration?, most you know the early intentions of stores and you expect at least to December bridge to decorate your houses. Safemen says:

As always for the bridge of December Christmas tree, has been placed in my house and I remember that my mother took him to the Candelera which is I think on 3 February.