Cleopatra and Other Mythical 5 Women That We Opened The Way

Taking advantage of this week opens in downtown art channel an exhibition dedicated to Cleopatra, We wonder what’s really behind the Queen of the Nile and whether, as other great female figures of history, only is you’ve had in mind for its beauty or by your loving history and not by his intelligence, his strategic ability and its influence to change the world.

When we hear the word “Cleopatra” to most of us comes to head an image of Elizabeth Taylor with the eyes are painted with three kilos of khol and throwing burning glances at a Marco Antonio, played by Richard Burton. Although I’m more of the capricious and demanding Cleopatra created by Goscinny and Uderzo for the comics Asterix or the Mónica Bellucci who then played it on the big screen.
But basically none of them resembles the Cleopatra of truth.
Not even that of Shakespeare, while Shakespeare here take it as seriously as if we were citizens of the Commonwealth.
Over the years what they have left us of the figure of the great Queen of the Nile is that was a woman very beautiful, sweeping and had an impressive nose (I do not know whether large or Super), but little is spoken of his ability to make policy with capitalized words, becoming the last Empress of a dynasty, stop an invasion of their domain and cause the Roman Empire was divided in two at a time in which being a woman was a much bigger obstacle that cross the Gran Via the day of the pride parade.

How many women like her, smart, clever, brave, they have been ignored throughout history simply by the fact of being a woman? How many us have reached the most insignificant pieces of his life, with whom are they moored their vessels or if they bathing in donkey’s milk or blood of dozens of virgins, and anything that really made of importance?
We put some examples, but there are thousands more:

1 Lucrecia Borgia

The only woman in a family full of powerful and ambitious men (some so ambitious as to inspire the work of Machiavelli the Prince and give rise to an adjective malicious), poor Lucrecia Borgia’s nobody says anything good: that if you slept with his father, than if you went to bed with his brother, that if they slept with everyone… and above all who was a great fan venom. But in fact, Lucrezia was a smart woman of courage, which was faced with his own family, created the first Monte de Piedad to the poor, promoted the revision of processes for imprisoned poor and worry about health and diseases of the poor.

2. Wu Zetian

The only woman who became absolute sovereign in China, something inconceivable at the time, had to face during all his reign to rumors about who had murdered his predecessor or slept with his own son; all very normal, vamos. Interestingly both is not spoken of that reduced taxes on Agriculture and silk, distributed land among farmers, demobilized many Tang armies with a peaceful resolution of conflicts, restricted public works and deleted which were not essential and encouraged, inter alia, the citizens shall communicate with the power. Much less interesting things to say that it was a perverted and a killer.

3. madame de Pompadour

Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson has gone down in history for three reasons: 1) be the mistress of King Luis XV; 2) be “the pivon” era and 3) put fashionable carry reproductions of epic battles in the headdresses of the ladies (in this case, also can make it responsible for an epidemic of scoliosis). But do not talk so often is its influence on the political decisions of his mistress, of how conspired to get rid of in the middle of the major charges that stood in his way and that was one of the great patrons of the time of greatest artistic splendour in the eighteenth-century France : the encyclopedia of Diderot’s Encyclopédie he promoted and supported the creation of monuments like Paris of place de la Concorde.

4.-Marilyn Monroe

The most famous blonde in the history of the cinema was a much better actress what wanted us to believe. No one like her to make us think that it was the perfect “blonde silly”, more concerned by applying lipstick as well to learn the lines of your script. But it turns out that in real life, Marilyn was a “coquito”, with a very high IQ. Are what otherwise going to get an intellectual as Arthur Miller to fall under your spell? Marilyn was able to demonstrate that he could be a hottie and painted lips of Red wrath and at the same time have a mind for business.

5. Diana of Wales

Lady di is only in our memory that her husband spent all their marriage putting eyes of lamb cut to another, who once danced with John Travolta and that nobody as she knew to wear Haute Couture dresses (especially those in Versace), but Gales Diana was actually a fighter cream, fully involved in finding a cure against AIDS and dispel all mines anti-personnel. Lady Di was an example for all women, demonstrating that he could leave so indoors as the British monarchy and aspire to be a woman free, independent and unafraid to say what he really thought.

They are not all that should, but a handful of women who have unjustly been known by the most banal aspect of their lives, not their great works. If you are going to be in Madrid during the upcoming dates, don’t miss the Cleopatra exhibition, more than 400 pieces of 80 Spanish and international museums which will help us to better understand the most fascinating woman of Egypt.

WhenFrom December 3 to 8 mayWhereExhibition Center art channelAddressPaseo de la Castellana, 214. 28046

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