Color Infallible Decoration + 12 Environments and Items to Inspire

Choose which colors to use the time to renew the home decor is not easy, especially when enjoyed in many different colors and we have no idea where we should start.

Thinking about it, we separate some decorating tips based on three key colors: black, white and brown. But wait! It does not mean that you can only use these colors to decorate your home. On the contrary, it means to imagine them as the basis of time to think about the other shades of objects, walls and furniture, if you are afraid to take risks or make a drastic change the house appearance. Check it out for beautiful wall clocks:


Elegant and sober, black can be applied in the decoration of uncomplicated manner and without conflicting with other colors and objects in the environment.

Not to leave the room with the very “closed” air. The tip is not betting only on pure black, but also in shades of dark and light gray. If the sofa or the floor are black, for example, put some colorful pillows or use furniture with lighter wood.


Like black, white is also wild card when it comes to decorating residential and commercial environments. Not to leave the house without grace and hospital face, bet on light gray, cream and the famous “nude”. The environment keeps its light weight and continues to gain space, light and elegance.

Curtains, sofa covers and the tendency of white porcelains are a great white application option and its variations. In the case of walls, here is all you need to know before using the color to paint the entire house.


Brown is not the first color you think of the time of decoration. The tone is considered ugly by many people, but it is not necessary to use pure brown.  Caramel, beige, khaki and terracotta, these variations of tone leave the most warm and classic, and you can use them on furniture, wood floors or ceramic and even painting one or all walls of the room.

Remember that the important thing is to let your imagination flow and personality to transform the place where you live in a pleasant environment. Enjoy and take a look at this post here and understand how the color combination works for interior design.