Crown Accessories Decorating Crowns

The crown, a symbol of power, it becomes a fashion accessory among the most beautiful of the year thanks to the big names of international fashion who have chosen to bring the runway to complete the ultra-feminine look of the latest collections. The crowns and tiaras are very loved and cherished by modern women often choose to complete the outfits wedding, but apparently not enough to fashion designers: from now the crown is also an accessory pret-a-porter!

The crown has always been the symbol of the temporal power, and also in ancient times of the religious, ornament probably of Persian origin came to the West with the Roman Empire and for a long time as a headdress worn by bishops and monarchs that have taken place in history European.

We have seen over the past 50 years Queen Elizabeth bring different types of wreaths, often tuned to its colorful coordinated by the tiara in the Russian style and form high to the Irish crown with large sapphires, called the crown ” Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara ” with fine emeralds surrounded by diamonds. Related: How to Make a Vintage Decor (see

But if one side Elisabetta has available the famous Crown Jewels to embellish her ​​looks, the other to the Duchess of Cambridge just much less. Among the most beautiful look of Kate Middleton it is fully part of the last chosen for dinner with Chinese President Xi Junping, a red dress pleated signed Jenny Packham, who this time Kate has matched her princess crown, called ” Papyrus Tiara “or even” Lotus Flower “because of the decorations that characterize it.

Other reigned have become synonymous with style and elegance in recent years, you can just take a look at Letizia Ortis look, the consort of the king of Spain, to those of Rania of Jordan, Charlotte Casiraghi, or Mary of Denmark to realize this, the outfits such as the crown always adds a sophisticated touch.

The crown, a symbol of modern femininity

Passed last half century to crown the modern beauty in the Miss competitions around the world, in recent times the crown made its appearance on the catwalks of haute couture, complete look not always classic and princely as you might think .

Great lover of baroque touches, the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana wanted high gold crowns with large applications make only the outfits of her latest collection, while Viktoria Novak has commissioned for his models versions Futuristic-far more eccentric. Saint Laurent He has taken the final step towards progress by choosing to combine minimal chic tiaras or more structuring a day look into mannish and grunge style with Gothic details, thus turning a classic accessory in unconventional ornament and trendy.

And you will wear a crown with a very chic evening look?