Cuckoo Wall Clocks

400 days


Take the disc-shaped pendulum, present it under the suspension spring and hang it carefully through the small pin placed in the copper square that ends this spring.

Place the pendulum on a horizontal surface, immobilize the pendulum, take then gently with both hands and make him a little less slowly one complete turn on itself, that is to say, three quarter turns around ; at that time, and without shock, abandoning himself observing it turns without swinging.

Check whether the balance, thus being in movement, returns course itself and produced for each of its revolutions advancing a tooth of the small escape wheel that is located in the upper part of the pendulum mechanism. A small noise will announce the outbreak.

In the event that the outbreak did not really happen for each revolution of the balance and the little noise announcing the walk would not hear on a regular basis, there would be again set in motion, that is ie immobilize the balance, print a rotational movement on itself of one lap, give up this balance and listen if the trigger normally occurs.

If we printed the pendulum too sudden movement or if the first pulse exceeded a turn, it risks distorting the steel wire for suspension of the pendulum and thereby, to the clock out of good condition function.

then put the record straight and close the door or cover his globe with a decorative wall clock; and put in motion, the pendulum should walk for at least one year without having to be raised.

The setting of the lead or lag is done by removing the weights from the center when the clock delay and bringing it advances.

For the pendulum “400 Days” on regular and long, it is essential that it is based on a stationary base, such as fireplace or shelf on the wall, but never on furniture with doors or drawers.

The Cuckoo


The cuckoo clocks should be hung on a hook secured to the wall about 2 meters above the ground, hook than about 2 centimeters from the wall.

Install the balance on the metal wire under your clock and hang weights to the hooks. Then gently roll the balance, it must beat regularly. If this is not the case, turn down the clock to the right or to the left until it beat mechanical regularly.

Always keep a hand clock when you make up the weight by pulling on the string. A weight is intended to move, the second to the hello and optionally a third serves for quail or music box.

When the weights are raised, your clock will operate for one day or eight days according to the type of movement.

Never force close the doors of a cuckoo clock.

Setting The Ringer

You will set the ringer hour and half hour. Make advance the minute hand until the next bell and let it ring. If the ring matches the specified time, you have nothing to adjust. Otherwise, give the time indicated with the hour rung by moving the hour hand to the hour sounded. If your clock rings half instead of hours, quickly advance the minute hand to the next hour during the ringing of the hours.

Setting The Time

To reset the time after stopping the clock, turn the hour, always in a clockwise direction, half-hour by half an hour letting the clock strike between.

Speed Control

If your clock is slow, you have to raise the balance sheet. If it moves, make the down.