Daily Cleaning and Weekly Cleaning

Within the special cleaning Decoesfera, let’s talk about basic house cleaning and hygiene daily and weekly routines. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors such as electric appliances, cables, pollution that causes dust us flood and have be cleaned daily to avoid to be stored.

There are three maxims that are important, the first is that a place for every thing and every thing on your website. Seems an outdated slogan but if everything is in place, it is not through, messy … some good boxes for toys, hangers to Goan or baskets for balls and rackets will be very useful.

The second, which seems logical, but realized, sometimes it becomes a fight is that everyone who lives in the House must work together. He is not a question of exploitation of children, but kids (and not-so-kids) become accustomed to that to your around everything is tidy. And for that have to make it easy.

The last rule is that it is not cleaner who cleans more, but who less mess.

Cleaning of the bathrooms

The bathrooms get dirty much so the health should be cleaned daily, and depending on the water in the area where you live (for the composition and level of lime) detergents will be different, but always with bleach to disinfect. Mirrors and glass shelves tend to accumulate dust, that if accumulates with the mist form a thick layer, so that should also be cleaned on a daily basis.

The soil is important scrub it well, especially around the Cup and the bath outlet, avoiding the formation of rust.

Tiles, the door handles, towel Rails, radiators and shower enclosure cleaned Once a week, like shower curtains, if there is no partition.

The towels they should be changed once a week and to ensure that children (and some adults) accustomed to not throw them to the ground, they hang them in the Towel rack.

Kitchen cleaning

The cleaning of the kitchen would start by the ceramic hob It must be cleaned after each use with a specific product for this purpose, before passing the blade or scraper. The sink and faucets should be cleaned on a daily basis, to the campaign, If it is customary to cook with oils and traditional home cooking, since it retains much fat.

The oven should be cleaned after each use, not allowing to stay clean longer than in the following usage, the fat accumulated on the walls you will burn up to producing a very desgradable smoke.

And the floor should be cleaned with bleach, whenever using the kitchen, since oil jumps and can leave stains. The wall tiles are cleaned once a week and when the joints become dark, utiliaremos baldosinín or a similar product, to which return you the whiteness.

Countertops and furniture doors should be cleaned daily, while the part inside the drawers and shelves just clean it once a month.

As we have cubes, (which must be cleaned and disinfected every time you change the bag) different for classified waste and all we are accustomed to throwing glass, paper organic waste and containers in different buckets, is suitable, having three dirty clothes baskets, whites, black and color and that all become accustomed, not only to sort your dirty clothes, but to look at the pockets for mobile, watches or any paper that can destroy in the washing machine.

The cleaning of the room

It is essential to avoid the dust and mites vacuuming the carpets every day, so if someday we can not, either nothing happens, you should insist on places where there are many cables, such as the back side of TV or computer.

You should shake the cushions daily and vacuuming them every two or three days. On air, we tend to leave the windows open during long time, allowing not just ventilation but also much to enter dust from the street, 10 minute is enough and you will notice that the the TV and computer screen they are not completely covered with dust.

The tables of Crystal They must pass the dust every day and every two or three days, wipe with a clean crystals. The tables of wood, also the powder must be passed them daily and must be nourished every two or three months depending on the season with mineral oil of Restorer, teak oil or the indications of the manufacturer, to prevent the wood from being opened by heat,.

The wooden chairs clean them once a week with a cotton cloth with a bit of turpentine, leaving them to dry for half an hour and then wiping a dry cloth. If chairs are also etched.

Crystals are cleaned once a week and the curtains once to the mes.el soil, depends on which you have, sweeping, or passing the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis and then MOP and you can scrub it with a MOP with vinegar water very drained, almost dry, in the case of parquet floor once a week. Whether it is tile or marble, water and neutral SOAP (little).

Cleaning the bedroom

You must ventilate and shake the mattresses and pillows on a daily basis. The sheets and Quilt covers are changed once a week and the quilts once a month.

Sweeping or vacuuming and pass the dust on a daily basis is essential in spaces in which sleeps. If not they could develop allergies than before did not exist. The upholstered headboards you have to suck them and wood, clean with a cloth with neutral detergent very drained. The shelves deserve special care in the bedrooms, since Books accumulate much dust It coexists with us while we rested, so once a week, it is important to check out the books one by one to clean off the dust.

Ideally, that toys have their own drawer and clean it once a week, one by one. The toilets boxes of decorations etc should be cleaned daily with a soft cloth impregnated don’t just shake it in the air to bring it back into the same site.

Another site where cleaned daily is under the beds, where more dust accumulates. Cabinets, inside and on the outside should be cleaned at least once a month, taking advantage of for “ make cabinets ”. In the case of any more desordenadillo, this is done once a week, or even every day since children have a curious habit of placing everything on the same shelf, and often made a burruno.

Cleaning in the zones

The halls they deserve the same treatment for the living room, must be swept or vacuumed and pass MOP daily and also clean the mirrors and frames on a daily basis. The levers and switches Once a week.
An important detail is that the oil paintings they must not be cleaned, but pass a feather duster gently.

Each House is a world but using common sense and establishing a daily routines, both the daily cleaning as the weekly, they are not as heavy and it’s nice to come into a clean house.