Decorate The Wall with Your Purposes of New Year

Stop smoking, point me to the gym, eat healthier, starting the diet, learn a new language, recycle, be more United, better organize my time…

When approaching the Eve, We all have in mind purposes This type of face to the new year, the case is that we are totally convinced that will fulfill them however as it progresses January, usually many of these ideas as if by magic they disappear from our head, or if not go away nor come to materialize.

Maybe write them in a beautiful mural and hang them on the wall our House can help us to have them more present and willpower to last us a little more time, no doubt see in writing on a daily basis what we want, can be a good reinforcement to take more account, remember it more often and who knows if it can help us to put it into practice, to prove we lose nothing and is decoratively nice.

The proposal is very simple, just have that cut out the letters forming the words and phrases of our purposes in cardboard and paste them on a slide or on a piece of wood, you can choose the type of letter that we like and letters can be of different sizes, after sticking well letters with spray paint Paint all Blade, let it dry thoroughly before taking off the letters, your silhouette will be in the original colour of the blade and thus we will be able to read them.