Decorating Small Bathrooms – How to Decorate

The bathroom is one of the smallest spaces of home and so many people have questions, it’s time to decorate an environment like this, you can’t use too many objects or decorative items.

But in this area we decoration is going to show that it is possible to have a very small bathroom and still decorate a beautiful shape and simple.

Is a bathroom or toilet (one bathroom without shower), these environments should always appreciate the comfort and more than any other environment, the use of spaces, since besides being naturally the smaller the house, with that trend of apartments and smaller homes bathrooms are getting with a minimal space.

How to Decorate Small Bathrooms – Tips

Some tips are super important and already well known by anyone who want to decorate a small environment. One of them is to use light colors to help cause the impression of being an environment more than it is, and in the case of the bathroom if you prefer to minimize the appearance of dirt that could be very visible in a floor of course, you can use a dark floor in contrast with the light wall.

The white color is always a good choice, either to the wall or to the floor, and another tip that is super also known is to use mirrors to give illusion of scale, especially in the bathroom where he uses a lot. Put a mirror over the sink and another on the opposite wall is a great idea, since it allows you to look for example how is her hair back before leaving for an event.

Fully transparent glass in the box are also an option to give such a scale. But that aside, since now you know how to make the bathroom seem larger, let’s talk about tips to make him beautiful and practical.

The lighting must have special attention, and if you can in addition to the ceiling, put in the wall lighting on the mirror above the sink, so who are using can have direct light to brush your teeth or makeup for example.

The ventilation must be good, so that the toilet over time has no problem like mold on the walls, common in poorly ventilated bathrooms. Put a large tipper can come in handy if you’re still building or renovating the bathroom.

A cabinet with mirror stuck to the wall over the sink is a great idea to save space and keep personal hygiene products, and narrow shelves (glass, to leave the environment light) are perfect for a room. If any place to put the towels, pillow & bed sheet behind the door can solve.

To give a differentiated in visual, bright colors can be used on carpets and bathroom garbage dump, and also in the towels, which will add a touch of beauty to the environment.

Now that you’ve seen some ideas on how to decorate a small bathroom and simple, see a gallery of photos to inspire you in decorating!