Decorating Tips for Shower


  1. Decoration for simple shower
  2. Cheap shower decor
  3. Decoration for bridal shower lingerie

Who ever rode a House from scratch you know how expensive and difficult. When we furnish remember the biggies: television, cooker, bed, etc. But I never think about the little things like a can opener, a dumping ground for the bathroom, pasta tongs, etc.

That’s why the kitchen tea is so important, you get the little things that are cheap if bought singly, but joining it turns out quite expensive.

Decoration for Simple Shower

The idea of the kitchen tea is you win, that is, if you spend with decoration, more than the gifts are worth, the shower will not have been worth it. So If you invite a few people or you just asked things cheap, will need to make a simple decor.

For that, you can just do the basics. Use your own souvenirs and food such as cakes and candies to decorate the table. If you are setting the table stand next to a beautiful wall, you don’t even have to put anything, but if not, just use a TNT or a nice tablecloth to spruce up the wall. See fun wall stickers on Sportsqna.

Use a dining set or cute cups and bowls that you already have or their mother. Even pasta can make a simple and beautiful decoration for your bachelorette party.

Cheap Shower Decor

If you’re not being able to spend a lot, that’s no reason not to do the shower, on the contrary, you must do in order to win various things and save on time to get your House.

What you should do is cheap but beautiful decor. For this you can use recycled materials such as pet bottles, milk or beer cans, tissue flaps, etc.

Should you buy cheap materials and you same mount decoration. The EVA is a very cheap and you can make beautiful things, such as letters, cans, Cup holder and more.

In place of natural flowers, use the artificial, nowadays you can find some very similar to the real and well priced.

Simple utensils of the House already give a very nice decoration, even toys for girls as cliques and cups of pretend, make everything very cute and are very cheap.

Decoration for Bridal Shower Lingerie

If you already have a House, an alternative to the shower is the lingerie shower. This option is also good for those who will live in another city, the pieces are a lot easier to take than the kitchen items.

As this type of tea only involved women, you can make a very cozy decor just for your friends, use flowers, pictures, even a few pieces of lingerie that you already have (new of course).

Make your bridal shower or lingerie an event in which people feel comfortable and have fun. Nothing beautiful decor if guests do not feel good.