Decorative Style of Gunni & Company Trentino

For lovers of good taste, elegance and style in their homes, offices or any other space requiring decoration, Gunni Trentino & company is one of the best in the world.

With over 40 years experience in the interior design of all kinds, the Spanish company is one of the most recognized design firms nationally and internationally.


Works as independent company with your own creations, but it is also an intermediate between the best designers and the most prominent design firms, to offer us the best creations in 8 different categories of decoration.

Gunni & Trentino over the years was adapting to the needs of the decoration and was offering alternatives in various decorative categories. So the Spanish company is present in the home furnishings, kitchens, floors, closets, bathrooms, Office furniture, lighting and even management of the House.

All this with the purpose to offer to each client you need to decorate the entirety of their homes.


In relation to the spaces of the House, Gunni & Trentino works in the area of furniture for kitchens with 4 brands. One of them is the company itself, and the others are decorating brands known Siematic, Lacornue and Varena.

All of these brands offer design kitchens, with spaces and materials that provide beauty and spaces adaptable to everyday needs, but with an unconventional style.


If we talk of toilets, the company offers all kinds of design for taps, baths, lighting and decorative accessories. All of this to offer a wide variety of styles that adapt to the spaces of daily life and the type of decoration that anyone might need.

In the aspect of Office furniture designs of Gunni & Trentino are at the forefront. In your large catalog we will find all kinds of chairs, armchairs, furniture and decorative accessories for offices, placeholders for customers and meeting rooms.

As you will have proven the company Gunni & Trentino manages to combine the best designs, colours and materials to offer very different products to the rest of competence but perfectly adapted to daily life of any home.