Decorative Week (94TH)

@After nearly a hundred magnificent decorative weeks (93, to be exact), my beloved Magenta has seen fit to share the great honor of gossip among the blogs of decoration to bring you a selection of the very best of the last days.

The truth is that it has its point go from blog to blog, seeing ideas, different proposals, disparate designs… accustomed to austerity in my feed reader, is like going out of the cavern of Plato. But well, let’s the important thing, for my first week decorative we have prepared a menu of things that I know that they like you a lot: restorations, do them it yourself and the spaces that inspire.

  • For starters, it has struck me much the restoration of antique furniture that did suck blog that bears his name: The loft of Mamen. Has made me reflect on what to do with the furniture I have in my new House, maybe not the shot all and fix the most beautiful.
  • Along with the things that we can do ourselves a little Mana, rather than insurance that everyone we have ever: having to adjust the module on the cooler to be able to attach a larger. In Carto seahorsen explain us how. And if you’ve been wanting more DIY, nothing like riding a rotating Shoemaker to save space or paint those old plugs, which can be, can be.
  • Now, to inspire a little, nothing like a good selection of images, in this case of firms with a different style, he has done Iëla Snow to Female culture. It is not minimalist offices, but rather the opposite, although they maintained a strange balance within the high degree of entropy that present. To compensate, you can take a look at the little corner that have decorated in One Happy Mess.
  • Finally, think big with the House’s somewhat different Nordic style that teach us in Chic & Deco. Of course as important are the large works, such as the small details, and that this post is full of In my lifestyle, passion for detail.

I say goodbye but not before remember the important thing is the general cleaning of the House and especially the cleanliness of the bedroom, to make all the efforts we have made to decorate properly. Ah! And if you have a blog of decoration and want to share it with us, you can do it in our contact form.

Up to the decorative week coming!