Decorative Week (XC)

Here we are again, as every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • As you can see in image refreshing spring fever has come also to the job corner of Pmosq, which now looks very colorful. The novelty consists of the auxiliary C600 which is manufactured for stacking the boxes in which keeps the material that commonly used. It has been putting together using some reclaimed timbers and then has incorporated wheels to be able to move comfortably.
  • And is that the colors not only brighten up our sight but are able to cheer us up in the low moments and to get us out of the typical colds of these dates. As a sign the Mint that teach us in grey eggplant, better than any antibiotic.
  • In the bureau’s Lorraine also we find a very special color, in this case as a thread of the magnificent House of Casavells (Girona), designed by the architecture 05 AM team.
  • Apart from the bright colours, decoratively speaking is there any other characteristic of the good time thing? Palmichula says Yes, the purses. Occasionally used as a magazine rack, containers of various utensils, baskets for clothes or bags when going to the beach or to the market.
  • We ended our tour on the blog of pumpkin in syrup, with its post of ideas creative with items recycled He has wanted to join the earth day, which is celebrated today, the day of creativity, which was held Saturday.
  • We also want to do our bit in this day inviting you to visit our section of Recicladecoracion, which surely find inspiration to reuse many of the elements that you thought to let go, thus generating less waste, saving and allowing our planet breathe a little better.

And in this way as ecological we say goodbye for today, recordante, as always, if you also have a personal blog, or know one that you think is of interest for our decorative week, We’d love you to share it with us by writing to us through our contact form. Until Sunday coming.