Decorative Wooden Wall Panels


  1. What color should have wooden walls?
  2. Ideas for wooden walls
  3. You can create wooden walls alone?

A completely wooden house is not traditional in Brazilian. Our climate is not conducive to this and the other materials are more durable for variable climate and excess rains; the bricks is the most common one. But for those who dream of beautiful European style or American style, there is a solution: finish wood walls with the brick structure; instead of your traditional or ceramic mass race, a rustic coverage adds a visual value to the house.

Wooden walls can combine well with almost all types of house. In a country or rustic decor, it can be used in the whole house, in particular with furniture in wood color. In more modern designs, white or metallic walls are ideal, and it can be the prominent part which creates a small differential panel. It can be the main wall of the kitchen, a living room (the one facing the upholstered furniture), the widest of a balcony or the widest of a room, generally which we put on bed. It’s elegant and with a touch of luxury.


In general we combine the color of furniture with that of wall. But if you already have or want to make a deference, here is a rule which applies to many cases: the wall must be a contrasting color of accessories. The upholstery is used to complement the environment, so if the wall is clear, furniture and sofas should be in dark color. In case of rustic timbers and vintage furniture, you may drop the tone on tone or at least a similar hue.

Some details on the choice of wood in relation to lighting are important. Black wall retains light. If the space is small, the more clear the wall is, the better the design is. If it is large, you can coat the side walls in white and put darker wood panels. The trick helps to compensate for poor lighting.


Side case of rooms – instead of creating a mural, leave the central wall without coating and cover the sides with wood. The space is more cozy with rock or field. A weaker lighting brings a visual sensation of comfort.

Wooden foyer – receive your guests with an extra wall which is all in wood and put a frame or a beautiful mural with frames on it. The idea is especially nice when you have a large entrance hall and does not have many ideas for how to customize the space. The other walls can be the traditional white, but do not use too many colors in decorating items.

Pool deck -the main wall beside the pool can bring a special touch with wooden flooring, and they are always tougher and can support the action of external temperature with a long-term wear. A tip is to keep a visual harmony between the use on the floor and on the wall.


Yes, if you have skill on coating materials, you can use the measuring tape to flush well and know how to use a cutting specific table to wood. All the pieces of the mosaic must be cut into the same size to meet the perfection of the project or get cut from the ceramic type. Labor costs are not so expensive if you take into account the extended use of the items. But if you know how to do, reduces in half the value end of the reform.