Difference between Internal and External Tiles

external coatings must be less slippery and more resistant to climate variations. Choose the model that best suits your needs and get the unmissable price.

Who wants a resistant coating and a wide variety of finishes to opt for porcelain tiles. The product stands out for being somewhat porous, or almost does not absorb water. Precisely because of this characteristic, it is more durable than other types of floors. Available in some versions, porcelain tiles, however, still arouse doubts about the installation in indoor and outdoor environments. Basically, what distinguishes products is your type of finish.

The polished porcelain receives a polishing layer during manufacturing to give more luster to the parts and to make them resistant against scratches. However, it is not an antiskid product. Therefore, it becomes a good choice for indoor environments such as bedrooms and living rooms.

The enamelled version, which can be glow or not, can be installed in external rooms. It receives an enamel layer, which defines the color and pattern of the product and makes such coating is more difficult to be stained.

Another great option for outdoor use are natural porcelain floors, since they are less slippery compared to other versions.


Evaluate PEI (unit of measure that shows the coating abrasion resistance) of the internal or external coating is also essential. Keep the pieces with PEI 4 or 5 if you expect higher durability even in the face coating of climate variations. This should be your choice as well if the environment has great movement of persons, as commercial establishments.

Now that you know a little more the characteristics of the types of porcelain tiles, check the options available, the house of your home. Regardless of your choice, an attribute is common among all the parts: the lowest market prices. Come in, make yourself comfortable and good shopping!

At the Time of Cleaning

Evaluate the specific care at different times. After all, the processes are different at the time of heavy cleaning, daily and after work. See our tips and write an important little secret: do not use products that can scratch or damage your flooring, such as bleach, acids and scouring pads.