Different Types of Baseboard Molding

Piece is available in ceramic, plastic and wood.

More than a protection area of ​​the walls near the floors, baseboards gained in recent years, modern designs and with them, decorative highlight. A variety of materials appears at the top of the main predicates, since with it the products adapt to different types of decoration and coating.

The made ​​of ceramic pieces are more traditional and have various prints such as marbled, textured, granitada and flagstone. Available in various colors, such as beige, white, brown, gray and black, the products can be installed indoors and outdoors. There are universal footers that can be combined with various types of floor and coordinated skirting that coordinate with a unique model.

With more natural look, the wooden baseboard combines with numerous types of floors and is recommended for bedrooms and living rooms. For wet rooms such as bathrooms and laundry area, choose the installation of PVC footer. Resistant to moisture, the product is easy to clean and install.

No matter what type of material you choose, there are different heights, widths and lengths. Enjoy the house of your home, is committed the lowest price in the market.

Additional Materials

In addition to the baseboards we offer some accessories. Installed between the bottom end and beginning of Alizar (piece that covers the doorposts), this piece allows a better finish. Here the product is available in polystyrene material (styrofoam).