Do It Yourself: Boat with Salts to Decorate The Bathroom

This weekend I have had staying with my nephews and I used to do some simple crafts with them. We made boxes for gifts, decorated candles, cans of colors for bath salts and some other things that you’ll gradually showing.

Let’s start by the boats sales Economic and very easy to make, perfect to give a touch of color to the bathroom. My brother is in blue, and this is your child that is made in cool colors, but you can choose other colours.

Let’s go step by step:

1. What do we need? how much will us cost?

  • a decorated glass jar, I bought this in Alcampo, by only 1.5 euros. It has a nice form and they were available in various sizes and shapes. You can also use cans of canned foods, bottles, or other boats of glass you have in house
  • fine table salt, You can buy it for less than 30 cents in any supermarket. You can also opt for coarse salt or in scales and give a different look
  • chalks of colore that will serve to give color to salt and that you can buy in any stationery store for 1 or 2 euros.
  • some folios that put color to salt, to make it as clean as possible
  • a cardboard to be placed on the desk, especially if we have children, if not we will end up putting the lost House

2 How do it?

As you say it is very simple, explain you step to make it all more clearly:

  • Before you start make sure the boat completely dry and that cardboard covers all the table
  • then one of the folios folded in half and placed in the Middle a small amount of salt, much finer are stripes more beautiful will be the effect
  • rub the salt with the chalk until you take the color that you want, remember that you can get various shades with a same chalk
  • When salt is the key you want, bends the folio, and using it as a funnel to insert it into the pot forming small waves
  • Once you have repeated the process several times, until the boat is completely full put the plug and ready.

As you can see it is very simple, perfect for these free days that you have Christmas in those who do not know what activities to do with children, and it is very decorative.

Note: you can vary the result doing tapas in fabric or ties to put on the neck. You can also paint any motive in the pot.