Do It Yourself: Creates a Wall of Impact with Puzzles

Who not is has desperate in front of the typical ten thousand pieces puzzle, all equal and tiny? Who has not given after laughing a puzzle in which only are edges, for months and months? As I take this blog to come out of the closet: I am that, I am which is desperate when it is not able to finish a puzzle and it acts as if it did not. Today your regrets are over because I’ve discovered how to leverage this puzzle: sticking it in a wall of impact.

To make this craft, simply with narrow space where you want to paste the pieces of the puzzle and give him a base color that stand out parts, either dark or light, but not the dominant color in the illustration. You can then pass to attach them with glue, with blutac or adhesive tape double-sided, anything goes.

I like a lot how is sticking it to the tuntun, not follow a fixed pattern, But if you’re feeling creative you can follow some preset drawing.