Do It Yourself: Leather Handles for Doors and Drawers

Often mentioned as a good way of renew a Cabinet, ES change your handles, When we bought IKEA furniture, for example if we want to give a different touch, just by changing the knobs or handles of doors and drawers already got to make it look different, these are simple and easy to do leather handles.

Usually for shooters used other materials, wood, metal, plastic… These are just so much more original, the procedure to make them not be simpler, just have that Choose a few pieces of leather to taste, cut them to size, bend them and nail them in the door or in the corresponding box. We can even make them recycling a belt old that we are not already using.

In Brown There are very good and contrast if the furniture is white, one very fashionable for furniture of bedroom and living room in our days, the bedside tables, for both sideboards or a closet, these shooters can look good anywhere. We can also choose skin dyed in any color if you prefer another tone to make it match the decor of our room.