Eggshell Foam Pillow

A good night’s sleep is essential for us to have mood and energy for the day-to-day. Therefore, the choice of a quality mattress and pillow right make all the difference to your wellbeing at bedtime. When choosing the pillow, it is essential the comfort and the orthopedic properties of the material. Among the options available in the market, the eggshell pillow is an alternative that adds orthopedic properties, convenience and comfort to nights sleep.

The eggshell pillow is an anatomical solution for those seeking a comfortable pillow, but also cares about the orthopedic properties of the part. In the pillow eggshell foam is also found in cushions to sit back and eggshell mattress.

Types of Eggshell Pillow

The eggshell pillow is made ​​of compact foam or polyurethane. Therefore, it does not deform easily and keeps the same right time with the weight of the head. The shape of eggshell foam acts as a true massager, which contributes to activate circulation.

It is possible to find two different types eggshell pillow. There is a model in which the eggshell foam coats only one side of the pillow, which is anatomical and follows the contour of the head and neck, while the other side is smooth. There is also the eggshell pillow model that is completely coated with textured foam and has an anatomical face, which follows the body shape and the other straight.


Orthopedic foam

The eggshell foam has orthopedic properties and therefore is used in different products that give more comfort at bedtime. One is the eggshell mattress, much used by people who need to be laid flat for a long time due to some health condition.

There is also the eggshell pillow triangle format, designed to lay back in bed. This model is ideal for those with reflux, because it enables lie at different angles with comfort. It is also used as a support to support the column time to read a book before bed.

When Change pillow?

Did you know that the pillow needs to be replaced after some time? In use, the foam loses its flexibility and becomes more compact, obstructing the passage of air between the fibers.

It is easy to know the right time to replace your eggshell pillow. Just fold it in half: the younger, the more difficult it will be double the eggshell pillow and it will return to the initial shape faster. If the eggshell pillow take to unfold alone or become deformed, is a sign that it’s time to invest in a new pillow.

To extend, for its life, the use of a cover for pillow is a great option. This cover is placed around the pillow, pillowcase before. The item will create a barrier against mites and fungi, so all the evils that were being accumulated on the pillow will be on the cover, which is easy to wash.

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The bedroom is the most personal room in the house. In it we will pass through the decor all our tastes and preferences. The room is also the environment where we rest after a long day of activities and prepare for a new day. Therefore, it is important to combine style and functionality. One of the first steps is to opt for a mattress and pillow that promote the necessary comfort for your rest, as is the case of the eggshell pillow.

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