Enjoy Your Air-Conditioning in the Best Way

The use of the equipment intensifies in the summer, so it is important to keep it clean so as not to compromise the operation.

Enjoy Your Air-Conditioning in the Best Way

He is discreet, but becomes our great friend when the high temperatures brought in by summer arrive. And to maintain the quality of the air we breathe and to take care of the useful life of the device, it is necessary to make a revision with certain frequency. 

Here are some tips to clean up and ensure that summer partner works:

Dirty filters, malfunctioning machine
A dirty filter causes the air to force itself to pass through the site and, consequently, ends up taking with it dust particles, for example. This dust interferes with the air released by the appliance and other internal components. In this way, if cleaning is done properly, the equipment will have a longer life. The ideal is to clean once a month or more often if necessary.

How to clean the filter
Cleaning is simple and can be done by the user. Simply open the lid and carefully remove the filter by washing it with clean water, mild soap and a brush (which does not have very firm bristles) or a sponge subtly. After, the ideal is to remove excess water and let it dry naturally. After drying, place filter and lid in place. It is also important to be aware of internal cleaning, which must be done by a professional. It is not enough just to clean the filters, the appliance has to be sanitized by means of special and biodegradable products.
This procedure, in addition to prolonging the life of the device, also prevents the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.

Beware of cleaning products
Many people, and even companies that provide cleaning services in air conditioning systems, are unaware of the existence of specific products and end up compromising not only the equipment but also the health of those who are exposed by using very aggressive. This is because, when turning on the equipment, the smell of the product spreads through the air, causing allergic reactions in those around.
Attention! During the entire cleaning process, the equipment must be disconnected from electrical power. Each brand has its specific recommendations, so it is best to read the instruction manual before opening it.