Ethnic Decorative Pillows

In recent times the largest distributors of furniture at affordable prices have accustomed us to a fairly basic, standardized furniture, resulting in homes often similar to one another. Okay practicality and convenience, however, a home should be a bit ‘unique, as indeed it is its inhabitants. A compromise to create an environment personalized and original is there and some items can be of real help. I for example, tissues, are those who prefer to renovate the space in which you live or give that special touch that heat can make unique home.

Ethnic Decorative Pillows

The fabrics allow you to play with colors and materials and add vibrancy and comfort to any room. The cushions in particular are perfect complements to make with little effort and a welcoming staff room, to cover the sofa of new colors, for a bit ‘of softness on the bed in a more or renew the appearance of the old bench input.


For those who love the colors and want to enrich your home with unique objects that have a story to convey, nothing better than the soft pillows made ​​with vintage fabrics from around the world, such as those proposed by the Australian brand Gipsy River or the American Amber Interiors, specialized in the reuse of ethnic Satin pillows of Songaah to create unique furnishing complements.You can choose between traditional Chinese embroidered fabrics, pastel colors and the bold combinations, or amidst the beautiful Vietnamese slips from ‘intense color blue because dyed with indigo.

The typical Central Asian embroidery also called suzani, can become precious pillows in rich colors and for lovers of weaving a kilim patterned will be perfect to liven up a modern decor as a conventional one.

Following the inspiration and personal taste, why not bring a bit ‘of the world into our home through the colors and craftsmanship of these beautiful fabrics?