Exotic Bathroom Designs

Inspired by Moroccan, Tunisian, Native American styles, Japanese, Greek, creole, Indonesian, the exotic bathroom invites you to travel and offers a moment of escapism unique through its decoration…

Exotic Bathroom Designs

Total look or keys, exotic decoration is perfect to bring warmth, comfort and serenity for the bathroom. Decorated in a spirit that alternates between tradition and modernity, the exotic bathroom evokes a taste of vacation and escape. A perfect feel for this type of room. For not to fall into the cliché, the exotic bathroom borrows the ancestral techniques through contemporary and current architecture and old, revisited, antique or rather genuine and typical decorations that fit into the style chosen between the bathroom exotic way spa inspired by the hammam, the exotic bathroom entirely concrete way or the exotic to the creole style bathroom. Exotic for sure, the exotic bathroom sets the tone in the decoration to change the ordinary and suggest a universe different from usual.

Side furniture of bath and tub or shower, it doesn’t really change. You will still be able to grant you the freedom to choose between a free-standing, a walk-in shower or a bath tub of angle. Bathroom furniture is the same, but they are dressed in authentic materials that advertise the exotic style. For example, a Moroccan bathroom, toilet plan will be coveredzelliges or tiles of the mosque while for a straight bathroom inspired by the atmosphere of Bali will be raw and natural materials.

For the whole room, on the ground we put on concrete or on the smooth floor according to the desired exotic bathroom. To match the spirit creole orients itself towards the Woods in total look on the walls, on the ground and on the furniture. To meet the trend of a bathroom which makes us travel in the Maghreb and they adopt strong such as the tadelakt and raw materials, the polished concrete tiles whose implementation must be done with subtlety. Here we avoid to install in the entire room. If you like concrete we prefer to the ground, if you like the tile we choose to style in terms of toilet and to delimit the space bathtub or shower. Accessories side, the exotic bathroom does not tend to a style loaded in frills and too sophisticated decoration elements. Here, we let go we’ll make way to the feeling of well being that trumps everything else to build a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Finally, the exotic bathroom should be a place of expression where your imagination should reflect you crave for this space of relaxation. Depending on the size of the bathroom you can also determine what will make her up.