Extra Chairs and Tables This Christmas?: Question of The Week

Departures this time many of us that we have the problem of finding enough chairs and tables to accommodate our guests. We are sure that you have many tricks to share, so our question of the week ES:

Tables and extra chairs for the holidays. How so you uncompleted?

From ask chairs the neighbor, to assemble the tables taking down doors or making use of easels. We would like that we the contarais Decoesfera replies: table and extra chairs for the holidays? The coming week we will share with you the most valued responses.

Question of the week: do gifts for the House this Christmas?

Asked this week about whether do gifts for the House this Christmas almost all have agree to respond affirmatively. The most highly valued response has been that of Jennifer González:

To my seems interesting to give these useful home things Christmas. The beautiful and is curious in Nice and curious, but just forgotten soon. A mi me gusta mucho give beautiful glassware or tableware when I see that a family member has his specified or worn. It is delicate because you have hit with tastes, but nobody said that gift would be easy.

You know that you can use our Decoesfera answers section to raise your decorative doubts the community, insurance that will help you to resolve them.