Feng Shui Decorating: Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Home, Bathroom


  1. How to Make Feng Shui Decor?

Feng shui is the use of the elements of nature energy for improving your state of mind. This lifestyle migro for decoration with a focus on enabling to create an environment with more love, solidarity, fun and happiness in house using the elements around and what you have at home. Feng shui decor is very simple and you can do it yourself, as it is only slightly different from the traditional decoration. It’s just the arrangement of items that change and maybe some colors and objects, but nothing that can’t be adapted to your liking as well.

Some people confuse feng shui decor with mount a Zen House. Both can really give you a peace of mind, but it’s not the same thing. With the technique of feng shui the proposal is to create an environment with more positive energy to support a specific activity or an area, in an environment, not necessarily a meditation, even in some rooms both concepts cross.

How to Make Feng Shui Decor? 

Your first step is to clean the old energies of the environment, any residual negative energy and create a base for your new proposal. What does that mean? Clean up the mess. Start with a good housecleaning eliminating what’s not cool as items that are not used, extra elements stored for a long time. A tip is to make a Grand Bazaar with what will not be useful in the environment and, of course, you can do it to a lot of money for the new reform.

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The remaining elements to focus on its decoration are:

  • Light and air– if your residence or office a good quality of air circulating and light, you certainly achieved a huge step to start your decorating with this style. It is ideal open rooms, large windows, good wind circulation in living rooms and bedrooms and in particular working environments like office and a window beside his desk.
  • Colors– before you choose the paint of your wall by the beauty, now you must select the color according to the simento that she will convey to the environment. The color is a very powerful way to change the energy of an environment and attract positive results. Meet the power of color to the wall is crucial to the success of feng shui decor. And what are they?
  • Green– money, also with respect to business, a great shade for offices and study environments. The Green has a strong link with health, so it’s a nice color for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.
  • Red– fame, that’s one of the favorite colors for walls with murals of trophy. But with its direct connection with romanticism, is also ideal for bedrooms.
  • Blue- color linked to concentration and very cool for bedrooms and Office upholstery or walls.
  • Yellow gold– both linked to fortune for the most ambitious as to success and love. Golden elements in shelves are a good hint of home decorations too.
  • Decorative elements– some know as amulets, but Asians prefer attractive definition of good energy as a statue of the Buddha, the mandalas to filter out negative energies of space, crystals to filter out negative energies, carpets for spaces for relaxation, few elements on the wall to stimulate visual cleanup.
  • Provision of furniture– is important to make contact with the air and light in all spaces of relaxation or work, so the closer the furniture are of best windows and doors if possible oriented facing them.