Find the Ideal Tile for Kitchen

Coatings for these environments should be non-slip and easy to clean. Here you find the right model and still get the product at the lowest price in the market. Check it!

The kitchen and bathroom are environments exposed to moisture and fat, therefore, require an easy to clean coating, such as porcelain. Resistant, these products also guarantee an extra charm to the decor, as there are many models and beautiful prints.

Because there are several versions of the play, it is important to analyze the most suitable type for wet rooms. A good choice is to stay with the satin porcelain, an option that has a slight sheen and is little slippery. The natural version of the coating also have this important feature for wet areas.

Another essential tip to choose porcelain tiles for bathroom and kitchen porcelain tile is to evaluate the PEI (unit of measure that shows the coating abrasion resistance) of the parts. Stay with coatings that have PEI 5 or 4, more resistant versions.

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Clean the Steps Coatings

Cleaning the porcelain can happen at different times, as that in which the work was recently completed. In this case, the first step is to sweep the entire surface with a broom to give in soft. In this process, you must remove the remnants of the construction, such as sand and cement, products that can scratch your finish. Then clean the floor with a damp soft sponge only water.

Already the daily cleaning should be done with only a cloth moistened with a solution composed of water and a mild detergent. Now, when it comes to heavy cleaning (which usually happens once a month), you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, as only it can indicate the correct product. The rule also applies if your porcelain tiles are stained.