Flat Low Cost, Taking Advantage of The Network

We want to take advantage of existing it solutions and get the network to our service, in a way that all the work that we develop the Architects, that hardly requires a direct presence of customer or professional and that we can solve online or with any single visit, it is carried out in a way quick, agile, cost-effective and satisfactory. Without discomfort for the customer.

This is the idea of Fatima, author of the blog Fatidica Gala, cited repeatedly in our decorative week, and Eve, two architects of Valencia passionate for his work. They have now is reinvented launching Low Cost flat, born in order to make life easier we avoid that we lose in paperwork and absurd procedures.

Flat LowCost arises, in line with other projects that we’ve seen in Decoesfera, to give a sense of popular and close to the misconception that the architecture in general is something expensive and distant. Is actually a profession that encompasses a wide range of much more everyday affairs of what is believed and Fatima and Eva are ready to prove it to us with your services, that it range from free online advice, to partial or total reform projects, certificates and reports or home staging to help us sell our home fast and easy.

Congratulations, and good luck to the two.