For Lovers of Sewing Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas tree that I like, decoratively speaking, are the theme: small toys, candy, kitchen miniatures… That’s why, when I saw these Christmas reels on the Craftzine blog this morning, I thought immediately in a tree for lovers of sewing.

To the Christmas reels, whose simple step by step you can see in the link in the end, we can for example add PomPoms wool or strips of fabric as a ball, scissors subject with ribbons, garlands of buttons and small frames with pieces of fabrics to tone and Christmas embroidery.

Not only it will be a very original tree, but it also will be free and eco-friendly because we need to make it only use materials we already have at home. What do you think?, do you fancy riding one this weekend? If you do not forget to immortalize it with photos to share with us.