Galleon Radio Clock

Desktop Atomic Clock Radio and Remote Antenna Unit – Problem Sheet

  • Connecting a Windows NT Server to the ARC clock
  • Clock does not pick up time, seconds count continuously up
  • In-sufficient signal strength
  • The clock has a valid time, but the antenna symbol has disappeared
  • The signal receiving
  • Possible causes of disturbances in the time signal
  • Remote Antenna Cable specification
  • Maximum antenna cabling distance for remote antenna unit

Desktop Radio Clock

Connecting a Windows NT Server to the ARC Clock

ARC clock is equipped with a serial interface with a standard 9-pin. Select an available serial port on your computer, usually labeled COM1 … COM4, ​​plug in the ARC Clock connector. ARC connector to connect the watch to a 25-pin serial port, you need a 9 to 25 pin adapter. Your dealer can usually deliver.

Clock Does Not Pick up Time, Seconds Count Continuously up

The watch will attempt to pick up the time signal for about 6 minutes after power on. The antenna symbol on the clock flashes when a reception is attempted. If the clock can not receive the time in the 6-minute period, it will enter a sleep mode. When the clock is idle antenna symbol disappears from the display and seconds count up. Additional reception attempt will be made every hour until the unit takes up time.

Solution: If the clock does not pick up time, move the antenna until a good signal strength is achieved. The time may be forced to try to receive the time signal by driving the device off and on, or by pressing the reset button on the back of the unit. Possible causes of disturbances in the time signal.

In-Sufficient Signal Strength

To synchronize the time signal the watch requires good signal strength. When the clock is first powered on or reset an antenna symbol is displayed on the clock. To the right of the antenna symbol is a number of bars. The number of bars representing the current signal strength. The indicator must demonstrate at least 3 or 4 bars consistently to pick up a valid time.

Solution: If the signal is weak, move the antenna until a good signal is achieved, this can sometimes be done by rotating the clock by 45 degrees .. When the watch receives the time signal the antenna symbol on the display flashes. It takes about 3-4 minutes to initialize the device with a valid time. Possible causes of disturbances in the time signal.

The Clock Has a Valid Time, But the Antenna Symbol Has Disappeared

Antenna symbol disappears from the desktop alarm clock when the time signal has been lost.

Solution: This indicates that the antenna can have repositioning to receive the time signal. See-sufficient signal strength above. Possible causes of disturbances in the time signal.

Signal Reception

MSF signal can be received at distances up to 1500km from Anthorn, Cumbria UK, where the signal is based. The signal covers the entire UK and parts of continental Europe. DCF signal is based in Frankfurt and covers a range of 1500km which surrounds most of Western Europe. The range of MSF signal can be seen in the chart below.

Possible Causes of Disturbances in the Time Signal

  • Blender without suppressers radio interference
  • computer monitors closer than 2 meters away
  • TV receiver closer than 2 meters away
  • Machines with high RF leakage
  • Poor atmospheric conditions (ie stormy weather)

As with the TV or radio, you may have difficulty receiving a strong signal because of position or atmospheric conditions. Electrical appliances, motors, can be TV or computers interfere with reception. You may experience poor reception in low-lying areas and metal buildings.

Error: Clock does not automatically show the correct time within 10 minuets after the battery has been inserted or the current.

Procedure: Check the battery voltage, battery contact and polarity. Re-position the clock, for example, turn by 45-90 degrees, or put it near the windows then start several tests by removing 1 minute ago replacing the battery. Check if any RF interference source such as TV’s around.

Important Notices

The performance of the watch is subject to its ability to receive the radio signal from Rugby. Difficulties reception will be experienced in metal-clad buildings. Signal strength is enhanced at night, it is recommended to leave at overnight with the battery inserted, preferably near a window if you have difficulty in it. This clock will not work outside the UK

Note that the Rugby transmitter closed for maintenance first Tuesday morning of each month, and during the summer, the signal may be interrupted for up to two weeks during normal working hours, after which the service is restored.

Remote Antenna Cable Specification

0.2 mm four core security / alarm cable required between the antenna and the clock unit. CAT 5 structured cabling can be used.

Maximum Antenna Cabling Distance for Remote Antenna Unit

The maximum cable length from the antenna unit to the clock unit is 150m. The recommended cable specifications are 4 core alarm cable. CAT 5 structured cabling can be used.