Geek Decorating Ideas

Geeks love comics, technology, science fiction and other things related to that. I don’t consider myself geek, but I love some of these things, maybe because of my husband and that’s why I decided to show you some ideas for decorating geek. If you have this style can introduce many things throughout the House, but if you’re like me, like a thing or two, you can choose a room and decorate with this theme. Cool places that go well with this theme are the rooms and also TV/Home Theater rooms.

Geek Decoration

To start you will see some cheap geek decorating ideas that you can do at home and you don’t need a lot of talent. There are many online stores that specialize in this world geek, you will find everything, mat, pillow, mugs, frames, lamps, has everything for you to decorate your environment. There are also clocks for geek decor. Take a look at the website:

This first is a door key made of LEGO, very easy to do.

The stickers are the most requests when we talk about geek decor, but if you do not want to spend with stickers can do with ribbons and colorful, this Bookshelf durex they used a Red Ribbon and put mini steps, on really nice. At my old House I used electrical tape to create something different and geek too.

And look at the clothes rack pretty easy too.

This is very easy to do, stay cool if put in a space decorated with the theme. Has little time to watch Star Wars and I’m already crazy waiting for the next film to premiere at the end of the year. How about a shelf of Super Mario? The channel of Dany’s always DIY geeks I guess sensational, if you like that theme is worth knowing.

And the inspirations, I think you can get a lot of ideas of these environments, take a look…